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"...pianist Terry Trotter, bassist Chuck Berghofer and drummer Peter Erskine, performing without rehearsal, depending entirely upon the long experience and extraordinary talent that this trio of veteran artists brings to everything they play."

The Trio

Sometimes the most creative jazz takes place not on the storied stages of the world's great cities or at the popular sun-drenched summer festivals but in intimate, dedicated jazz clubs such as Charlie O's in Valley Glen, California. Going strong since 1987 and named one of the 100 best jazz clubs by Downbeat, Charlie O's has hosted both the super-legends and the virtually unknown. But it was one fortunate audience that happened to find itself at Charlie O's on January 27, 2009 when The Trio - pianist Terry Trotter, bassist Chuck Berghofer and the renowned drummer Peter Erskine - got down to business.

The recorded result, Live @ Charlie O's (Fuzzy Music), is the sound of three veterans of consummate skill and imagination doing what they were born to do. The piano trio as an entity has been a familiar and comfortable component of jazz practically since the music's beginnings. Erskine, Trotter and Berghofer respect that tradition but breathe new life into it with each of the seven tracks that comprise this sublime performance.

1. Put Your Little Foot Right Out (11:25)
2. Afternoon in Paris (6:29)
3. Ghost of a Chance (8:52)
4. How Deep Is The Ocean (12:31)
5. Blood Count (5:46)
6. Charlie's Blues (10:02)
7. Lament (6:10)

Chuck Berghofer ~ bass
Terry Trotter ~ piano
Peter Erskine ~ drums

Recorded January 27, 2009, "Live" at Charlie O's Jazz Club


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